It is indeed a difficult task to get your children sit in one place and read through the notes they have at school. Most of the kids will start yawning once they start reading, others find it a way to invite good sleep. If you, as a parent can invest some time in making them understand the importance of reading, you can bring them back to the hobby of reading. The first and the foremost thing a parent should do is to tell the kids about what reading can do for them in the future.

Be careful not to preach about reading; you need to only give advice about it. It is a good way to ask the children which subject they like rather than you imposing your favorite subject. Know your children’s taste of selection. Some might like cookbooks wherein some others like fashion and gaming or even GK. Focus on those books which your child needs to read at the current age. There is no point in giving a book larger than their actual life and expect them to read it.

The best thing you can do to your kid is to be a model when it comes to reading. Most of the kids do what their parent do. So if your kid sees you reading, they will automatically get attracted to the world of reading. There is no need for you to stop reading once your kid starts reading because you might also be started enjoying reading. It is a good thing to discuss the things in the book with your kids. In that way, they will think more and will start to understand everything. Never give negative advice about reading. Healthy criticism is very much appreciated, however, negative criticisms are not as it will affect the children.