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For good search engine ranking you’ll want the ‘Title’ of any web page on your site to be the exact keyword phrase that web page is focused on.

The ‘Title’ and the ‘Tag’ are considered by most search engine optimization experts to be the two most defining factors as far as telling a search engine exactly what this web page is about.

To really understand this I need to explain the difference between a ‘Title’ and a ‘Headline’ for search engine ranking engine optimization

The ‘Title’ is what the search engines ‘see’ or ‘read’ and the ‘Headline’ is what people will really see and what most people think of as a title.

See the words ‘Search Engine Ranking’ in the very top of your browser? That’s the title that the search engines like Google and Yahoo see.

I’ll bet 98% of you never even noticed it, and that is perfect for our search engine ranking as while the search engines see it, people hardly ever realize it is there.

Search Engine Ranking: Understanding Exactly What The ‘Title’ Is
Right click on this web page (It really shouldn’t matter what type of a browser you are using.) and you’ll showed get a ‘menu’ to pop open. Look at the bottom half and there should be a ‘View Source’ or the words ‘View Page Source’ as an option to click on.

So do that, a left click, and a new tab, or depending on which type of browser is open for you right now, a new window will appear and it will contain the source code for this particular webpage.

For IE it will probably appear as one long jumbled line of text so copy and paste into a word doc or note pad so you can used the ‘Edit’ and ‘Find’ features to look for the word ‘title’ That’s a lot easier than trying to scan through it.internet rankings

It will appear between a ” with the slash signaling whatever is presenting this page to you, like your browser to ‘End’ this command. That is as deep as I am going to go with source code.

Search Engine Ranking: Properly Using The ‘Title’ For SEO Purposes
Now let’s get back to how to make this title work to increase your search engine ranking.

This is very important! You want your title to be the EXACT KEYWORD PHRASE you have chosen to have the web page targeted for as far as search engine ranking goes.


Don’t confuse the search engines. That really is the best way to put it.

The best thing about all of this is people never really read it but for search engine ranking purposes it’s right there for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc to see!

Your ‘Headline’ is where you’ll look to target for human appeal and hook someone to get them to come and visit your web page and at least scan through whatever content you have there.

For a WordPress blog I recommend the ‘All In One SEO Pack’ as a good way to easily optimize the pages of your blog to increase your search engine rankings.rank your blog

To sum things up” You should ALWAYS make use of the ‘Title’ to increase your search engine ranking whenever you construct a web page on your site

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