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Watercolor Painting- Some Important Tips

Painting with watercolors is not a good idea if you do not know the basic of water coloring. Without the basic knowledge and the equipment that is used in water coloring, it will be difficult for you to paint anything. A few items are there where in you should have knowledge about when it comes to water coloring. The first and the foremost thing is having a good brush. Having a good brush doesn’t mean that just one brush. You need to have different brushes of different sizes. Large Oval brushes are good if you have detail work. There are synthetic and natural brushes.
People usually buy synthetic brushes because they last long and the water absorption level is also low, and you can get full control of the brush while you paint. You should select your watercolor paints carefully. If you plan to paint in the outdoors, then it will be good if you buy a watercolor pan and for indoors you can go for tube paints as you can handle it easily.

The next major thing is the selection of paper. Do not go ahead and buy simple paper which can get folded easily just by a touch. If you go to simple paper, you will be wasting your efforts. Always try to buy a watercolor pad or loose paper, which have a weight of at least 140 lb. The paper texture also plays an important part as it can give different effects according to your paint.

You can either select a hot press or Rough or cold press surfaces where the cold press is the widely used surface for watercolorists. Choose your palettes and extras carefully. You need to know about the different watercolor techniques as well such as Wet-in-Wet watercolor, wet on dry watercolor and dry brush work watercolor. Once you get an idea, then you can confidently start painting.

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Tips For Making The Client Buy Your Art

When you get a chance to be part of any fair, the first thing that comes to t=your mind is how the people who come there will treat your art and whether they will buy it. It is a hard task to make the people convince about your hard work. However, if you are genuine and if you have put in your complete time and hard work into the piece of art you have prepared, by following some tips, you will be able to make the people buy your art.

The first thing you need to do is when people comes to your store create a friendly atmosphere. Welcome them with a warm smile and great energy. People come to your store because they have knowledge about the art you are displaying. Try to get their attention by explaining your art in a great way.

The next thing you can do is asking the people about what thing they have liked in your art. Is it the color, or whether the art has reminded them of their sweet memories. If they do so, try to encourage them to tell you the experience that the picture has reminded them. When the people gets open up, it is a kind of rapport building that is happening between you and the visitor, which will make them buy your art.

When people say the story to you, be a good listener. Find out whether they want the art for their office or home. Help them by finding a good place for your art. Ask them what they want from the art and help them in finding and selecting a suitable place for it. Try to listen to the clients. People love those who listen to them. Make sure that it’s just not a buying and selling process. You can encourage the clients to talk, and with these, you may be getting a better idea for better art.