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Search Engine Ranking – Know Your SEO

For good search engine ranking you’ll want the ‘Title’ of any web page on your site to be the exact keyword phrase that web page is focused on.

The ‘Title’ and the ‘Tag’ are considered by most search engine optimization experts to be the two most defining factors as far as telling a search engine exactly what this web page is about.

To really understand this I need to explain the difference between a ‘Title’ and a ‘Headline’ for search engine ranking engine optimization

The ‘Title’ is what the search engines ‘see’ or ‘read’ and the ‘Headline’ is what people will really see and what most people think of as a title.

See the words ‘Search Engine Ranking’ in the very top of your browser? That’s the title that the search engines like Google and Yahoo see.

I’ll bet 98% of you never even noticed it, and that is perfect for our search engine ranking as while the search engines see it, people hardly ever realize it is there.

Search Engine Ranking: Understanding Exactly What The ‘Title’ Is
Right click on this web page (It really shouldn’t matter what type of a browser you are using.) and you’ll showed get a ‘menu’ to pop open. Look at the bottom half and there should be a ‘View Source’ or the words ‘View Page Source’ as an option to click on.

So do that, a left click, and a new tab, or depending on which type of browser is open for you right now, a new window will appear and it will contain the source code for this particular webpage.

For IE it will probably appear as one long jumbled line of text so copy and paste into a word doc or note pad so you can used the ‘Edit’ and ‘Find’ features to look for the word ‘title’ That’s a lot easier than trying to scan through it.internet rankings

It will appear between a ” with the slash signaling whatever is presenting this page to you, like your browser to ‘End’ this command. That is as deep as I am going to go with source code.

Search Engine Ranking: Properly Using The ‘Title’ For SEO Purposes
Now let’s get back to how to make this title work to increase your search engine ranking.

This is very important! You want your title to be the EXACT KEYWORD PHRASE you have chosen to have the web page targeted for as far as search engine ranking goes.


Don’t confuse the search engines. That really is the best way to put it.

The best thing about all of this is people never really read it but for search engine ranking purposes it’s right there for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc to see!

Your ‘Headline’ is where you’ll look to target for human appeal and hook someone to get them to come and visit your web page and at least scan through whatever content you have there.

For a WordPress blog I recommend the ‘All In One SEO Pack’ as a good way to easily optimize the pages of your blog to increase your search engine rankings.rank your blog

To sum things up” You should ALWAYS make use of the ‘Title’ to increase your search engine ranking whenever you construct a web page on your site

Filing for Bankruptcy

Once we get the approval of our client, the process will actually begin. For example, if the documents are prepared and there’s nothing that has to be changed, the next step is the actual filing. The filing is the official action for claiming bankruptcy. There are a lot of little nuances that could occur when we are preparing the bankruptcy paperwork. bankruptcy attorney
In a Chapter 13, for instance, if the taxes have not been filed, then it’s going to be hard for the trustee to confirm the Chapter 13 plan until the four years of previous taxes are filed. So that’s something that could be an issue in preparing the filing of a bankruptcy. Filing is a dialogue between the attorney and the debtor. We have to have a nice dialogue and make sure that you’re being honest with everything, that the client’s being honest with everything and listing everything and listing everything truthfully.

So in order to file bankruptcy, the paperwork is the most time-consuming part of the bankruptcy, is getting all the information, getting the credit counseling classes done, getting your pay advices, things of that nature, and any other documentation that we’ll need. We would like to have bills, all of your bills. The bills make up the bulk of the petition and are part of the bankruptcy basics needed to file the case. We will run a credit report for you; however, credit reports are not always accurate. Generally, they are very accurate, especially the one we use. However, in many circumstances, the credit report will not pick up on things like medical bills or debt that has just been recently incurred, but medical bills mostly. So if a debtor comes in and has a lot of medical bills but it is not found in the credit report that is more paperwork that the debtor needs to provide to their attorney.

If they don’t provide that information to the Chicago bankruptcy lawyer, there’s no way we would know that your medical bill of $2,000.00 should be listed in your bankruptcy petition. So in order for this bankruptcy to run smoothly and to have confidence that all creditors are listed, the debtor needs to help us out also and provide as many bills as they can. We need to know who the creditor is, we need to know the amount of money that is owed to the creditor, we need to know the account number (if there is an account number for the particular debt), and we need to know the address of the creditor in order for us to give notice to them. bankruptcy law

So in that respect, gathering up your bills could be time consuming for the debtor, depending on how many bills they have. Generally speaking, we only need the most recent bill. We don’t need to have your whole year of your past bills. So that is another thing that needs to be done before filing the bankruptcy and what is involved in preparing the bankruptcy. From that point forward, the matter will be in the hands of a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney and you will be kept informed every step of the way. Provided you follow the easy instructions of the bankrupcy attorney, your case should run very smoothly.

Air Duct Cleaning

If you have a central heating or cooling system in your home, you have a duct system that distributes the air throughout your home, that needs air duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning involves the cleansing of not only the duct system, but also the air registers, grills, diffusers, heat exchangers, cooling coils, drain pans, fan motor, fan housing, and the air handling housing. If you’ve been suffering from allergies or unexplained illnesses, you may be wondering if it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned to remove any excess dust. Your heat pump can benefit from this as well. air duct cleaning

It’s important to know whether or not you need air duct cleaning to avoid an unnecessary expense. While this service is often needed, some unscrupulous service companies will advise you to clean your ducts even if you don’t need to do so and will overcharge you as well. It’s normal to have dusty return registers or grills, and you can simply vacuum them clean. However, if you notice a substantial growth of mold on the hard surfaces of your duct system, it is probably time for a cleaning. Other reasons could include a vermin infestation or an excessive clogging of your duct work. Improper Air Duct Cleaning Can Lead To Worse Air Quality

If you have your duct work cleaned by a service provider who fails to follow the proper procedures, they can actually cause a problem where none existed before. More contaminants could be released than if you had just left everything alone when an inadequate vacuum system is used. A poorly trained technician could also damage your duct work or your actual heating and cooling system. This can lead to a costly emergency air conditioning repair call.

A technician that follows the proper procedures should open all access ports so that they can clean and inspect the entire system. The inspection should include a check for any asbestos. All carpet and household furnishings should be protected during the cleaning process. The vacuum equipment should be designed to either release exhaust outside of the house or equipped with a HEPA filter to trap all contaminants. While vacuuming the duct work, the technician should use brushes to dislodge dust and particles. Finally, the technician should reseal and re-insulate any access holes that may have been made during the cleaning process. Air duct cleaning is a service we offer at the highest levels of quality for our clients, so call today to find out more. Duct Cleaning Should Pass Visual Inspection

Once the cleaning service is completed, the technician should be willing to show you the results. All surfaces should appear clean to the naked eye, and all vents should be securely replaced. Some service companies will document their work using remote photography. Brandon air conditioning repair crews can have a look at your system when we are here for just such an occasion.

Because air duct cleaning can be an expensive process costing up to $1000 depending on your system and your environment, it is important to prevent future contamination. Make sure you change your filters frequently and that you are using the proper size filter. Turn off your system and seal the ducts during construction and renovation projects.

Make sure that you keep your system dry by repairing any leaks or standing water issues promptly. To learn more about this and other services check out Miami air conditioning repair, or go straight to Miami air duct cleaning for even more information.