2016 has witnessed a lot of authors penning down novels and short stories. However, only a few has been able to make it to the mark like Prince, Gene Wilder. 2016 has not given any great novels, but there were a few who has attracted the viewers. Though there were some readable novels, some novels were outstanding.

Han Kang’s ‘The Vegetarian’ is the first novel which has made a mark. It is a three-part novel which is written from a woman’s perspective about her status-conscious husband, a desperate sister who the main character is named Yeong-Yeh and libidinous brother-in-law. This novel gives you high voltage violent imagery, consequences, etc. This book has emerged as a must-read of 2016.

‘Another Brooklyn’ is the creation of the famous author Jacqueline Woodson. This novel tells the viewers about a girl’s story whose family moves to Brooklyn and what all happens in their life as part of the Brooklyn life is the major subject of the story. Scarlett Thomas’s ‘ The seed collector,’ this novel gives you a fantasy feel which cannot be forgotten easily. Don DeLillo’s ‘Zero-K’ tells you about the advance technology which can save fabric humanity.

‘The association of small bombs’ written by Karan Mahajan has attracted many readers. The novel empathetically tells how a small incident can make the victim’s life tearful. The novel tells the story about the bomb makers, victims, and their families. Mahajan has left no stone untouched in making this story reach its readers. The National Book Foundation has recently given out the 2016 Fiction award to The Underground Railroad as most of the readers liked this book and recommended it too. It is a story about the American violence with black Americans. This book as got some electrifying writing along with some horrifying scenes which make this book the best seller of 2016.

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