Termite Control San Antonio

Termite Control San Antonio

Most home and/or business owners in Texas wait until termites have invaded to implement a termite control San Antonio strategy. However, preventative termite control is often times less invasive and less costly. So if termites are a concern and your home or business is not under warranty, there are options for preventative termite control. San Antonio Termite Control More @ Pest Control SA

Once termites have been identified, you should not wait long to implement termite control in your home or business. If termites have gone undetected for long enough, the damage they have done can also be visible. If you have spotted termites in your home or business, you should have the structure professionally inspected for termites to determine the extent of the infestation.

Although there are methods and materials available “over the counter” for termite control, a professional termite control company is going to have access to much better materials, equipment and techniques to provide a more comprehensive termite control than you may accomplish yourself.

Another often overlooked opportunity to implement termite control in a home or business is during the period of remodeling. During the construction time, the home or business is more accessible for termite control than once the project is completed. Foundation flaws and plumbing traps can easily be treated without causing any aesthetic damage.

For termite control, Texas Exterminating is who you need to call to get the job done right. We offer a wide range of pest control and termite control services for both residential and commercial accounts. Whether your problems stem from common outdoor pests like ants, crickets, cockroaches, spiders, and scorpions, or you’ve got termites gnawing on your home, you will find that Texas Exterminating provides superior pest and termite control at affordable prices for a wide array of desert pests.

Texas has some dangerous pests that can infiltrate your house. Find out how to identify, and protect yourself with Texas Termite Control.

How do I know if I have termites?

Termites can be identified by some of the following visual clues:

Termite Tubes
Termite Damage
Termite Insects

If signs of termites are discovered, it’s time to implement termite control to protect your investment. Subterranean termites build shelter tubes in order to travel from the ground into your home or business. Rarely do you see the actual termite itself, however it is possible.

Methods of Controlling Termites

Many times it is necessary or prudent to have your house treated by a professional pest control expert, especially if the house is on slabs or if the house has a basement (because of the drilling required). Also, it is necessary to use an expert or a specialized company if the proof of a termite treatment or a clearance letter is required.

The most common methods used against termites are termiticides and baits. The decision of which method or product to use must be considered very carefully.


The traditional method of termite control is through termiticide, a liquid pesticide that is applied to the soil around and under the house, approximating the potential entry points for termites. This liquid will provide a protective barrier around and under the house and it will kill or repel termites who try to penetrate it.

There are two types of termiticides that can be used: a repellent and a non-repellent.

The repellent termiticide creates a barrier around the house that prevents the termites from entering. But this pesticide will only affect the termites that come in contact with the barrier and it will not touch the rest of the colony. Also it has to be applied through the soil as uniformly and completely as possible. Many entry points, though, are located behind walls or other obstructions and are harder to find. This method might require extensive drilling through the outside foundation and walls to ensure overall coverage as well as an adequate volume of termiticides.

Non-repellent termiticide represents a new approach to controlling termites. Termites enter the barrier without being aware of the pesticide and they contaminate the rest of the termites and colony. With this type of termiticide, missing some of the hard to reach entry points is not as big of a problem compared to the old type as long as most of the entry points are touched.

Some of the liquid treatments can be applied around the house foundation on both sides, foundation walls and under plumbing penetrations in slabs and bath traps. Trenching and drilling may be necessary in order to reach deeper or hidden points. A few of the new termiticides can be effectively applied only in the exterior perimeter of the house and if the termites where found in inside areas then a localized treatment can be also applied. This type of pesticide is easier to apply and requires less drilling and pesticide. If the termiticides are correctly applied it will be effective for approximately 5 years.

Termite Bait

Termite bait systems have the purpose of killing the entire colony and protecting the home. These systems can be used alone or in association with the termiticides and it can be installed underground or above ground. It is recommended by the specialists to use first monitoring devices that will be replaced afterwards with the bait systems if termite activity is found.

Bait systems contain a bait cartridge, a mix of cellulose and a non-repellent termiticide that will attract and kill termites and the rest of their colony. This system requires installation of multiple bait stations around the house, preferably 10 to 20 feet from each other and two feet away from the foundation of the house.

These systems are fairly easy to install and also eco-friendly, since they use a limited amount of pesticide. They are also more targeted, being an effective option even for areas where the regular termiticide are not allowed because of infestation risks. On the other hand, this method is a slow-acting one and it can take months before the entire colony is killed. It is also necessary to continue the use of the monitoring device even after the colony is killed, since the bait does not help prevent future infestations.

Some of the drywood or dampwood termites, as well as Formosan termites might require more extensive wood treatment and fumigation.

Expected costs

Every year termites are the cause of billions of dollars in damage in United States and homeowners spend an average of $3,000 in repairs after they find termite damage. Termite inspection san antonio

There are a few methods and a great variety of products that can be used to exterminate termites. Most of the specialized companies provide free inspection of the building and an estimate for the custom extermination plan.

The cost of the termite extermination is based on the size of the building and it depends on the method used and the complexity of the termite invasion. Usually for a house built on a slab foundation the price is higher.

Roughly approximated, the prices of an extermination will be around $1.25 per square foot. Of course if the house owner will take the do it yourself approach, the cost can be considerably lower as long as the correct tools and substances are used.

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People usually buy synthetic brushes because they last long and the water absorption level is also low, and you can get full control of the brush while you paint. You should select your watercolor paints carefully. If you plan to paint in the outdoors, then it will be good if you buy a watercolor pan and for indoors you can go for tube paints as you can handle it easily.

The next major thing is the selection of paper. Do not go ahead and buy simple paper which can get folded easily just by a touch. If you go to simple paper, you will be wasting your efforts. Always try to buy a watercolor pad or loose paper, which have a weight of at least 140 lb. The paper texture also plays an important part as it can give different effects according to your paint.

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Han Kang’s ‘The Vegetarian’ is the first novel which has made a mark. It is a three-part novel which is written from a woman’s perspective about her status-conscious husband, a desperate sister who the main character is named Yeong-Yeh and libidinous brother-in-law. This novel gives you high voltage violent imagery, consequences, etc. This book has emerged as a must-read of 2016.

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