The Major 2016 Theatre Trends

Theaters are not predictable. It gives you a sense of breathing creation which takes shape in front of you and also vanishes in front of you. Each play has got a message which is given to the public through powerful performance. Theaters usually pool in their entire resource for an ambitious production, and sometimes the whole city comes to help. San Diego, in February, will do a play to raise the awareness of the performing arts scene. The complete thing will get unfolded on Feb 22-28.

Theaters always witnessed human beings interacting with tangible and tactile settings. It doesn’t mean that the advanced technology has got no place in the theater. Audiences love to see the use of advanced technology in theater plays as it will be a treat for their eyes. Last year the most high-profile play was Meteor Shower authored by Steve Martin will get released in July in the Old Globe.

In 2016, San Diego will be continuing with plays and projects like Miss You Like Hell. The play has got some good name of the industry attached to it. Like that, many plays which have used advanced technology are on the line to introduce their project as well. The viewers can expect some magic from these plays.


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